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Risk Disclosure Statement

"Please read the following risk warnings carefully

This notice does not disclose on gusspace.com all the risks and other important aspects of all products, including casual clothing, special occasion wear and home lighting.
You should not trade derivatives unless you understand the nature of the products and the degree of risk they entail.
Depending on your situation and financial situation, you should also be satisfied that the product is right for you.
Although most products are cheap but of high quality, some products are not suitable for all customers.
Different products involve different levels of risk exposure. When deciding whether to process an order, the following points should be paid attention to:

The lighting
All lighting products on the site are ceiling lights, wall lights, lamps, led bulbs.
Most of the lamps are made of iron, glass, bronze and other metallic materials, so a small number of customers will not be able to use the lamps due to skin sensitivity and other health problems.
Lighting must be installed by licensed or qualified water electricians in accordance with the national water and electrical code and any applicable local regulations.
Improper installation can seriously harm users, installers, or others.
In addition, improper installation may cause property damage.
As time goes by, if some parts are found damaged or dropped, the lighting equipment will become old, please replace and maintain them timely.
In view of the above conditions, consult your professional before placing an order to ensure that any ligthing you choose are in good condition for skin and health.
After receiving the product, please pay attention to the sharp part and keep away from children to avoid causing harm to them.

Please read the above product risks carefully.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
E-mail: support@gusspace.com
Upon completion of the transaction, we confirm that you have a clear understanding of the product risks.
Different products involve different levels of risk exposure. Please consider carefully before purchasing.
All the products on gusspace.com have passed international quality tests, but the possibility that they pose a risk to a small group of people cannot be ruled out.

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